Android beginners app development guide

Are you a beginner to android app development ?. Are you having a great idea and don’t know where to start ?. This tutorial will help you to learn all the necessary information to start developing an android application and finally you will be able to develop a application completely.

Step 1

Note : If you already installed Android Studio in your computer skip this step

Installing Android Studio

The tool which is used for developing android application is Android Studio and it is provided by google. You can download the setup file for installing from the following link which will take you to the developer android website.

Link : Install Android Studio

The link will provide all necessary information for installing Android Studio for Windows,Mac and Linux.

Step 2

Creating an Application in Android Studio

  • Open your Android Studio application
  • Click on Start a new Android Studio project.
  • Fill the application name and package name on the screen and click next.
  • Select the devices which you want and click next , now you will reach a screen which you can select Activity from a list
  • As a beginner you can select Basic Activity and click next.
  • In the next screen if fill the activity name and other details( probably it will be auto filled)  and click Finish button.
  • Now you are done with creating an application. An activity and layout file will be created automatically which will just display a text Hello World.
  • For testing the above process is successfully completed click on Run button located at the top if you have an android device connected to your USB port. It will install an android application which will display a simple text Hello World.


Step 3

Android Widgets

This step will teach you about important widgets used for android development. The widgets are the UI elements used to design the screen in android. Let us see the most commonly used widget in android.

Next you can learn some important tasks in android which will give you efficiency to develop a complete android application. Following are some tasks which you can implement.

Step 4

Small Tasks

After doing the above tasks you will  be able to develop an android application. For more tutorials and reference refer All Tutorials


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