How to activate developer option in android phone

If you are an android developer you definitely needs a mobile for testing the applications which you developed. Of course there are emulators available in android studio. But it is always good to test the applications in phones only, because opening an emulator will take a long time and it  can slow down the entire system.

In this tutorial we will show you how activate the developers mode in your android phone ,so that your phone will display in the list of devices in android studio when you run the application.

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  1. Open settings app on your phone
  2. Click on About phone
  3. Click on Build number 7 times
  4. Navigate to developer options
  5. Enable USB debugging

1. Open settings app on your phone

For enabling developer option you need to click on build number of your android phone. The build number or version number will be located on different places which depends on the phone you are using. But it will be in the settings application. So first step is to open the settings application.

2.Click on About phone

In this step you need to click on About phone. If you can find the build number or version number inside the same screen you can skip this step.

3.Click on Build number 7 times

In the current screen you can see the build number in the list of items. Please note that this name may depend upon the phone you are using. It can be called as version number also. So once you find the version number you need to click on that item 7 times. After clicking on it 7 times you will get a toast notification ‘You are a developer’.

4. Navigate to developer options

Now developer option is activated in your phone. You can see an additional item in your settings or additional settings which will be named as developer options where you can manage developer activities. Just click on the developer options it will take you to a screen of another list of actions.

5. Enabling USB debugging

In this step we need to enable USB debugging which will help you to display your device in android studio with the list of devices available when you need to run the application. For enabling it scroll down to USB debugging option and check it.

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