How to configure a firebase project

Firebase has became an important part while developing an android application. By just integrating firebase application in our project we can do many functionalities with a small set of code. Push notification is one of the commonly used firebase functionality by android applications. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a firebase project in their console.


  • Open firebase console
  • Add new project
  • Fill the project details
  • Download the google-services.json file
  • Steps to find server key

Open firebase console

This is the first step for creating a firebase project. In this step you just need to click the following link which will take you to the firebase console. You need to login into your gmail account for creating a project in console.

Click here to go to firebase console

Add new project

Now once you are inside the firebase console you can create new project by click the Create new project button as displayed below.Please note that appearance of this screen can change based on the new update in firebase

Fill the project details

In this step you need to give the details about your application to firebase. You can see a screen like which is displayed below . You need to give the same name as your android application and you need to select your country and then simply press create project

After creating project you will be taken to the following screen in which you need to select where you are adding firebase project. If you are adding to android application you need to click onĀ  Add firebase to your Android app section.

After completing the above step you will be taken to the following screen. In this screen the firebase will ask to give more details about your project. Here you need to add a package name in which the package name should be same as the package name of your android application. Other two fields are optional.

Download google-services.json

Now the configuration is completed .But you need to download a file in this step and has to be placed in the app folder of your android application. The instructions for placing the file will also be there in your current screen. After downloading the file just click continue button and start coding android application.


Steps to find server key.

In this step we will see where to find the server key. Some people may not know what server key is , server key is what we use to send push messages along with the fcm token of the user. You need to request firebase with server ky and users fcm token to send a push notification to the user. For finding the server key you need to go to Firebase Console and Select your project and click on settings as shown below.

Now in the settings screen go to cloud messaging tab and copy the server key and paste it in the above php file as api key.


Now we are done with configuring project in firebase console. Following are the tutorials available in codesfor which uses the firebase .

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