How to install flutter in android studio

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development platform by google. It uses a language called dart for development. We can use a single code base for both android and ios. This is our first tutorial based on flutter. Flutter can be developed in many tools. But here we will learn how to configure it in android studio.


  • Configure flutter in android studio
  • How to start a flutter project in android studio

Configure flutter in android studio

First step is to click on settings in android studio home screen. And you need to click on plugins.

After clicking on plugins it will take you to the following screen. There you need to click on Browse repositories button for browsing flutter plugin.

In this screen you can search for flutter. And on the right side it will display flutter with an install button.The screen will look like below screenshot.

Now click on install button. It may show a popup with permission for installing dart. You need to click OK for completing installation. After installation it will tell us to restart the android studio. Once restart is done you can see the link to start new flutter project. Following is the video demo of the above steps. If you find this helpfull please subscribe to youtube channel.

How to start a flutter project in android studio

After completing installation you can find a link to start new flutter in homescreen of android studio.Click on that link and choose Flutter application on next screen and then click next. It will take you to a screen to fill project details. Fill those details and press finish button, a basic flutter project will get created. Now run the project you will get the following output.

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